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A recount of events leading up to the appearance of the “True King Of Gondor” or, the Prime Avatara Of Light, whatever you want to call it inserted here.

I was saying, for the past 8 years now I have been making these generations of babies, that are incredibly powerful. They use these babies, even at the age of like 3 years old, to “dig” me out of my shitty situation that I was in, (always in bed, always tired, can’t put up a fight, just laying there) into a better situation as we have the arrival of the Bearer Of The True Source, The Lord Of The Morning,

Let me remind you, that for all the points scored for the light, in turn, the dark has just something equal, (roughly) to this. I must suppose this is just the Combine Overwatch, as they generally come with an “Unbeatable” tag whereas Sauron’s forces did not have this tag.

That’s not to say that Sauron’s or the Combine are better than each other, it’s just to say that one has an Unbeatable tag and the other one doesn’t. I must suppose that writing this would probably give Sauron that tag.

So i’ve been creating these babies for like 8 years, and I often use “Suboxine” and smoke cigarettes all day. These newborn babies, their first impression of the world is their creator partaking in these habits. I must assume that some have, (at worst) already tried these things themselves, which is really a crime.

At best, they are scarred by the memory of seeing their Creator in this state, and thus taking up the mindset, “Thats what I need to do”

Anyway I was telling my mom about these generations of babies that are in her bloodline, and after that, some uneventful washing of dishes, my mom playing “Jim Croce” – Operator, and she was saying how he wrote the song “Time In A Bottle” for his son. It really rang into me, and made me feel that that Ancient force known as Commander Bill was secretly passing me yet more information, and it started to make me tear up, I mean he waited like 300,000 years to meet me.

I just looked it up on google, I won’t bother you with the details of how I know that there has been a group at work on this earth, and in the universe and the greater beyond since at least the time of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago…

So to receive such a clear message from someone like that was really touching, and after that I was in my room, replaying the song, “Operator” and suddenly thinking about the yOutube video that I watched yesterday, it was the last battle of the Lord Of The Rings, where strider rushes into the enemy with just himself, and I crystalized a red suit around him, more, my body in a red suit with a burning crystal sword.

This all may not seem like much to you, but the true king of light is not something to just pass by on. We were in dire circumstances but now we’re not, like, in any trouble at all.

Soon I will blow up the construct, tear down all the walls, *snap, and anything else that might be standing (in our way, that is)

So how did I crystalize a red suit around strider? From Myth, which I talk about from time to time, a game from the 90’s, a 90’s version of some Myths, their king wears a red suit of armor and has a sword that looks like a long lightbulb, and almost can’t be stopped, or, can’t be stopped at all.

I believe heavily in these Myths, let me show you one:

This is one of the last myths written, unless you include the prelude Myth 3: The Wolf Age, but this one is from Myth 2: Soulblighter.

Well I hope you liked my story, incase you didn’t get to see my mind, or whatever it is that you guys do now.

So remember, when your doing battle against the Light, they have something equal to you, perhaps you would be resurrected or something, and they would win, but you would be resurrected, and the damage going to the local towns people ( just kidding ).

See so remember, there’s not any way to win, there’s kinda nothing anyone can do but to perhaps draw blood, I haven’t quite come up with a better tactic than that.

So as your flexing your muscles, you must “Maintain Priority” as the Combine would say. Your priority is to win, not to kill, you kill to win, but your target is still winning, killing is just something that you do to reach that target. Hopefully this keeps you from going insane.

Notice the red in his armor, glowing sword (D&D Paladin picture)

Again, notice the red, I don’t really know what it means, but it’s part of the story.

Some Paladin in front of his army…

Notice, the blue, which has nothing to do with red, now remember when I was saying everything has a counterpoint to it?

This is perhaps the greater of the pictures, who’s going to knock that guy down?

Again, always red, their like all red.

Brought to you (in part) by the United States Army.

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