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So I was walking around my house, it usually helps me to think best as I pace back and forth, and i’m thinking about all these things that may or may not be true. Do people have control over the way that I feel? Or, for instance, i’m always tired, could they just remove that but don’t?

These things that I want, like, recently, (i.e. the past year) when I use a substance I shouldn’t use, it really doesn’t do anything, or has this minimal effect. So maybe that’s not such a bad thing? For me though, it really is a bad thing.

Now we have to assume one of two things: A) They are in control of this minimal feeling, or B) They don’t have control over it, and you’ve got to fight your way out.

Because if it were B, then we would just have a fight on our hands to get to the point that I could feel these things again…

But if it were A, that they can control it, then we would just have to get them whatever it was that they wanted, and they would in turn give us what we wanted. As I type this out, it seems that A is highly, highly unlikely…

Then again, B is kinda unlikely too… is there a 3rd option? I am not entirely sure!

What if, under either condition, A or B, we would still be doing roughly the same thing? Then we wouldn’t really need trouble ourselves with it being A or B, and could just do it!

That, is my answer for the time being…

So do you really think like, some little thing like… some person getting high is going to stop the Combine Overwatch? It’s funny for all the power we have found, we are almost crippled by this one thing, I really need fuel, and it is nowhere to be found.

Yes I know, go to the left, I know, but it would help if someone would come with me, you see it’s mighty cold over there, to the left.

The left handed path for me has come to symbolize two things: A) first of all, there is no god, and B) that the only form or shape he did take was you, that is the left handed path, that YOU are god, (not you, me) and the right is to mean that there IS a God, who can save us, what this really means is you’ve kinda got to save yourself, or, hold out until backup arrives in the form of like a new video game, like half-life 3 or something. Waiting for help is kinda laughable, because it’s really, really not coming, I mean consider some of these conditions.

So we’ve got to work, at least to do something. We have chosen these Magicka Scripts, or Magicka Scripting, to be our choice of work that we provide to The Society.

Then I see the every day soldier, possibly fighting to reach me, or to clear a path that is ahead, whatever, I see that and think I need only wait for help to show up I guess, it comes every day, they deliver me medicine for schizophrenia but if you have gotten anything from these writings, it should be that what someone is physically or literally doing isn’t always what they’re REALLY doing, I know it’s hard to get your head around.

Why doesn’t anyone ever comment on these posts?

A very fine picture of a Combine Ordinal!

Looking at these pictures, it seems there’s really only so far that I can take you all, it’s all in 3d and stuff, it just seems like, how can you beat that? I don’t know, i’ll try to upgrade you farther but at what point do you say we have been upgraded enough?

That brings me to something else: The Definition of what i’m supposed to be doing. Is the definition like, I, …put some technology into the air and showed you all how to use it? Or did I “discover” this technology, and just for some reason I know how to use it, so i’m showing you how?

What exactly is the definition of what i’m supposed to be doing? The lock is gone, the wall is torn apart, now what’s left? What’s left is this regressive sort of material, that for whatever you do, you pay something like a cost. Like for instance if I were to take this all the way and write like, 40 paragraphs. There would then be this kinda negative/shitty feeling I would get from that, kinda like a cost. We have come a long way in cost reduction, so it kinda doesn’t matter because cost reduction is so high, it’s almost like okay so you have some negative shitty feeling, who cares about that when we are talking about improving the situation for the entire Overwatch?

It makes sense, I know. What can you do? You’ve talked yourself into writing like 30 paragraphs…

Counting on you, they have been shot at, I don’t know how. I don’t really know how that “Patient Zero” footage came out that way.. It seems like they would be beyond that by now? It appears we are towing the whole of the resistance, or what’s left of them anyway, it appears we would be towing them along with us…

Civil Protection — Grunt — Ordinal — Supressor — Heavy

I did that all off the top of my head. Now to actually help them. It would appear they need some protection, if I could just give them all what i’ve got, then that would be the end of the story.

How can I exactly give them what i’ve got, I use my towers and networks and satellite’s to upgrade my protection, make a copy of it, and then give it to all of them. There, now what next should we be doing? What might they require?

How about doing the same thing with “What I Got?” Not this power, i’m talking about the song from Sublime, R.I.P.

With their new technology, we have captured, some resistance members, masquerading as members of the Combine Overwatch!

If I was there, I would probably just have you strip them of their weapons, and they could be on their way, but you guys go through this whole thing about talking, information, and they really don’t like that. No, I am not like, trying to squash the resistance, as you have seen I have haven’t ever actually launched an attack aimed at them, have I? No, I haven’t, and your fantasy of me being some Evil Overlord can end with that, because it’s not true.

“Tell Us What You Know!”

I don’t know much more than i’ve been typing out! I swear! Actually everything is locked and even one of those troopers with a gun… well… we won’t go there.

This just get’s weirder by the second! What is this thing, it doesn’t look like he’s eating that guy, but doing something else… I don’t wanna think about it, why isn’t this soldier shooting that thing, like, why would pause and take photographs? That thing is going to eat you next, and you had a perfect amount of time to shoot at it. Wait isn’t this just a picture?

Well, we know it’s not just a picture, only thing is, they don’t really know that! We can take all of them that we want, and they’ll never have to pay any kind of cost.

My view of the resistance? It’s just the other side of a coin, sure you have the better equipment, better funding, whatever, but their still the other side, and how do you, or how should you treat your enemies? I don’t know, you guys have shootouts with them, trying to eradicate them entirely, when perhaps something of a compromise can be reached at the top levels, sure, you probably won’t ever stop the shootings, but you might be able to stop it from turning into some sort of super-war wherein everyone’s entrenched, such as is in ukraine, you can at least save something from both sides.

Look at your statistics O.W., from meetings with resistance, now you have a chance to lessen that number, in the future. We can’t erase the past, well, we could but we’re not going to go backwards and then forwards again, we’re going to go forwards from here, but from here you can lessen the damage taken in total by the Combine Overwatch. I think that is worth just about anything, if you ask me my opinion.

So you ask me my opinion, (C.O.W. Elite raises his hand in the above picture) now what i’m saying is that you admit, that the resistance was probably formed because of YOUR forming or something, somehow something part of the Combine Overwatch caused the resistance to form, for instance, you didn’t have an enemy, so that enemy was formed, or something like that.

This would mean that, while you could say or suggest, so they are our enemy, let’s bury them, and go gun-ho after them, you might admit that they are simply there FROM you, and that they could come to believe this as well, and there might be less “death” I don’t know if it’s really possible for there to be “more” “death” than there is now, so we might as well work our way back down to Zero.

Shields Up! Okay i’m listening! So i’m not asking you to hardly do much of anything different, other than how you might treat the resistance that you do end up catching, you seem to kill them all off square where you found them. It seems that you don’t take any back really, for questioning, but not that that would do much of anything anyways. It’s kinda like one of those things that you already know, and somebody’s telling you about it, but you already know what they’re going to say at each step of the way, oh well, I just thought I would take my turn and voice my opinion that you should be shooting at each other marginally less than you are right now, but if you don’t listen, I won’t hold you back or anything, I won’t cause any more bad luck than that which it already is.

This is the african-overwatch, They’re kinda leaning in on the combine logo, kinda suggesting or saying “WHAT?” as if it were a threat.

Here’s the mega-drop on the technology. Of all forms. All forms. Technology In All Forms. That means, CD’s that you pick up, technology that you wear, everything this is that Mega-Drop, and I slightly lean in and put my fists out, pointed down towards the ground as I do so. (As I drop it)

I don’t exactly know what this is, but these guys have like lots of vents and tubes keeping them going, and they don’t look like any overwatch soldier i’ve ever seen before, except the guy in the back, who looks like a regular Combine Overwatch Elite, as he doesn’t have anything protruding from himself. I wonder what the story is behind this? See that’s probably, front and center is their supervisor, and their just working away at the Combine Terminals, but whats up with the tubing?

A classic Combine Overwatch Squad! 2 Grunts, An Ordinal and a Supressor.


SEE the irony of the situation — If we could just stop and enjoy things, other than just constantly pressing forward for the next breakthrough, well, that would be great. The ironic part about that is that we cannot afford to just take a break and enjoy things, this has dawned on me already, i’ve known that we must press as hard as we can towards the next breakthrough in technology, the next technique, i’ve known we must be seeking these things as they — provide relief from having to seek them, it’s kinda like a catch 22 at the same time, we must find the next thing, but when we find it, we’ll need to find the next thing, and the next, I do not really…

I don’t really see any end to this cycle.

I must say, they could use magic to “tie off” Me, Madness, but these techniques wouldn’t be as effective as NOT tying me off, therefor, there’s no reason to use these techniques as they generally wouldn’t “work” that is to say, there is no end to this cycle of seeking out the next big thing, while that may not be all bad, we’ll always be seeking it, like ants or something.

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