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I have since, switched away from Ubuntu Mate now, to Debian.

Debian has that crash proof, something about it seems bulletproof, and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice on accommodations to the user. Ubuntu Mate, you have to reinstall it every 2 weeks or so, because it cannot handle whatever I was doing. What was I doing?

Anyway now i’m doing it in Debian, and it seems to be going well. It did seem to go well with Ubuntu Mate too though… Hmm…

I’m not saying don’t use Ubuntu Mate, but be highly suspect when it starts to lock up on you, watch your memory usage with a system monitor, because it will use be consuming all of your memory, and there’s not anything you can do about it. Switch with me to Debian.

Switch with me to Debian, while we wait for BSD to become usable/installable for mortals.

Common things that I do on Linux: compiling GCC, compiling LLVM/Clang, compiling the linux kernel after going through the list of choices to config it. Compiling PYPY using GCC after compiling GCC…

This list appears to much for Ubuntu Mate, and I had to switch to something else as much as I loved Ubuntu Mate the last crash just flipped me to another OS, I was installing a theme for the appearance to make it look like Windows XP, perhaps it was the theme’s fault, but the OS became unusable in any conditions, I couldn’t set it back to be usable, I said f this and just erased the drive, installing debian onto it. I tried to login to a different type of system, (ex. OpenBox), and even that wouldn’t work, could be the theme I was trying to install, I really don’t know.

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