Collapsing Houses

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I was about to launch an attack, targeting the person that was keeping me away from my “buzz” or preventing me from getting high.

I realize now they took away that “buzz” because of the negative energy it generates, not to like get under my skin or anything like that.

What tipped me off to not attack was a call from my mom’s boyfriend, Leon, he comes over here and I daydream that as I am talking with him, i’m really speaking with Lord Vader (Darth Vader, Star Wars) who, it turns out is my supervisor in a set of journals that I write in offline. In other words, writing in a journal as if Darth Vader were your supervisor.

See, the logic in my head went like this: If someone was taking away my buzz for some dumb reason, Darth Vader would have dragged the person out back and took away their teeth or something, they were taking away my buzz for a reason: We can’t afford to give it to you, the positive that it uses up, we cannot afford.

Like, for everything great/cool there is something equally shitty/sucky, now it doesn’t anymore go 1:1 like that, it’s more like 1 part negative to 1,000,000 parts positive (we’ve put a lot of work into this).

So in the spirit of the attack that didn’t launch, we target the mechanism, or brick in the load that is preventing me from getting high! What better can you get for a target? This will potentially get you high(er)?

We are targeting… The energies required to get high, with any sub-requirements satisfied as well (gotta feed the kids first). With this complicated web that is our currently described target, we need complicated weapons.

Originally the objective was just to come down in force on the person or entities that were preventing me from getting high, whoever idea it was. In this case, we are not targeting anything living, and probably not even non-living. What we’re targeting likely doesn’t even exist, so we must still try our best to “isolate” the target, as best we can, so that it can’t re-materialize as something similar to it’s former, blown-up self.

With that out of the way, bombs being chosen, are just the greatest, smartest, biggest, fastest rockets we can get our hands on. All of these compliments of the “James Dean” class type of weaponry. After upgrading that class type, of course.

We launch our explosives, and we do say: Hail Mary, Full Of Grace…

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