Calling All Freaks!

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Tonight is at last the night we strike, upon my order! How did I get the idea to do this, I was listening to The Crystal Method, they said “Calling All Freaks!” so calling them for what? We must strike.

There are those that think that letting nature take it’s course is the correct route of action. Let me remind you the last time we did that, The Millcreek Community Hospital. That is what we are trying to prevent here, plus a lot more, but we probably won’t get into those points.

The idea is to score incredibly high. That, we know, is done via generating negative energy. I won’t get any more in depth than that.

This order doesn’t apply to the Imperium, for an unknown reason.

So we have been here before, we’ve already done this. Well, we are in somewhat of a squeeze, whether you know it, or if it is said or not, we are in one. We have to make strategic strikes, maximizing the generation of negative energy in order to alleviate us OUT of the bad situation into perhaps a good one.

This comes as alarm to some of you, he never issues commands like this, well, we’re in like really deep, and we’ve got to fight our way out.

The way out could take, … 20 years? So say some guy gets a 20 year sentence as a result of this order. That would mean for that whole 20 years he’s incarcerated, it’s like digging us out, further, towards the Sun.

I don’t have much else to report, other than the fact that you must employ everything you know, the tactics that I have demonstrated will become critical.

We can do this. We can make this happen. We can save the operation, right here and now, right tonight. The U.S. Army has a saying, “Ready To Fight Tonight”

Of course, because of the direness of the whole situation, there are like no rules whatsoever that you need to follow tonight. In other words, we’ll take what we can get…


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