Archetype 20

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This is to say, we have had about 20 to 40 levels, or Archetypes, of technology before this one. I haven’t bothered to count, a level is a level, and I always need to try to find the next one. That search will always take place, but, while we wait for it’s result, there are things that you can do.

For instance, you could do something that speeds up the search, sinking yourself into the void, and becoming one with the fight against the Construct. You could do this, while we wait for the Search.

The vast majority of things that you can do will either sink you or us so far as to make these things impossible, or will be so hard to do that you won’t be able to accomplish them.

When you are looking for the next level of technology, it will be there. If you require it, or what you require, will be provided, or has already been provided. That you must determine for yourself, as I can’t really see much of the product where you can.

Waiting for the next set of technology, there’s probably nothing that you can do to make it go any faster, or me, there’s nothing really that I can do.

I can’t skip an infinite amount of levels of technology to bring you all of the technology, but I just did.

I hope that this helps, like for instance, remaining active, trying to help mend the wound or any wound for that matter, might be more helpful than you think.

Although these things, such as pushing along to the next set of Technology, mostly remain impossible, I must tell you to at least try. That we can’t just give up before we’ve given it a try.

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