At Long Last!

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When we witness a newborn baby, we see God at work, some would say, or see his Majesty, and not bare witness to any wrongdoing, for this little baby is clear of it, obviously.

We don’t see the heavy weight of death, or even old age, while looking at the new born, all attached as well, don’t forget about us.

For to have life, there must be death, just like a positive and negative on a battery, you could say we are all walking around, life slipping by, death creeping up, and not anything anyone can do about it.

“Okay You’ve Got My Attention”

We say, then, recent scorings have been rather high, like, where is the downside of all of it, it seems missing?

When we weigh in our recent scores, you will see all those dollars at work, and possibly just a glimpse of the “Million Dollar Standard”

In fact, those scores are so high that they themselves are bringing their cousins, 2nd cousins, and distant relatives. So where’s the negative?

There is no negative, we’ve beaten it down into the dirt, there’s not some large pot that everyone pisses in called “Negative Energy” and then we must all take a drink. And say to ourselves, where’s the negative then, where did it go?

You mean there’s not going to be some harsh set of weather-related circumstances accompanying this massive payout?

Nope, and there’s not even secondary, or, something like that, it’s all been beaten and ricocheted off of mount everest, all thanks to all this neat technology that is actually now working, which causes equal alarm.

When we see this payout, we do say, we barely slip by having to go to hell under high water to get the magical recipe to print the technology that happens to be saving lives.

I’m here now about to try ChatGPT-4, and I do hope that it can write parts of my program for me, I hope.

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