A New Vision of Earth

The Satellite is a live, photo-realistic experience of Earth from space, created purely from satellite data. For the first time, public audiences will be able to look down upon the planet as if they are looking out of a window in the International Space Station.


"The Satellite wants to change the perception of Earth"

Realtime Data


Today, with hundreds of earth-observing satellites in orbit, we can access a profound new perception of the world. We're working with our advisors at NASA to get realtime satellite data on the current state of Earth's visual properties, including land color, cloud density, ice cover, lighting strikes, and aurorae.

Photorealistic Visualization


We’re developing our own, custom visualization engine from the ground-up. The engine uses satellite data to generate graphics that look as real as a photograph taken from the space station.

The Experience


The Satellite will be presented as a public art installation, a custom-designed architectural experience with an ultra high resolution spherical projection screen. From this room, viewers will look out of a window onto a live, viscerally real vision of the Earth from above.